Perfect Design solution for 3D Constructions Planning

  • Roof tiles and Roof structures catalogues
  • T gable roof (perpendicular) creation, analogue to a dormer
  • Eaves recess/projection between two points
  • Timber framing under level top plate (automatic free beams)
  • Steel lists (for extra charge)

  • Plan composition (for extra charge)
  • Exposed Roof (double structure) Assistant
  • Rafter sprockets
  • Double purlins
  • Mirror
  • 3D Dimensions

WoodCon A (Roof module)

Complex Exposed Roofs (double structure) can be created in just a few steps using the integrated Roof Assistant (Wizard). Alternatively, the project can be created by designing a free floor plan. It is possible to change the roof profile parameters at any time. A shape variety of Dormers Assistant is available. Roof openings (roof windows and chimneys) can be changed and replaced automatically by a simple click.

WoodCon B (Wall module)

This module allows to draw freely a building configuring own walls. A wall supports up to ten Wall Layers as Frames, Panels, Battens, Insulations, Boarding, Massive Layers or Log planks. A corner system tool allows to parametrically define own wall connections rules: you can specify which wall layer must be connected with a specific layer of the other wall to join and you will gain expected results. That tool, allows to parametrically add Extra Studs in to the frame and to reinforce the corner.

Modul A

Modul B Block House

Modul B (Timber Framing)

ArCon Interface

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