LigniKon - 3D-CAD Software for making timber roofs

Small Version

  • Work directly in 3D
  • Rough/Eaves battening and Insulations surfaces
  • Occulated creation and computation timber list for Rough/Eaves battening, Insulations surfaces, Jack rafters
  • Automatic technical drawing for roof profiles and for each singular timber
  • Each piece can be automatically exploded into technical drawings already dimensioned
  • Material pre-sets
  • Simplified Windows management
  • Timber list computation of full structure including components details as single lengths, cross-sections for carpenters and sawmills

Increase Roof Production Timing Today

Create quickly and easily simple or timber roofs using the Roof Assistant. The wizard allows to define roof profile details as rafters, purlins, sizes, dimensions, etc. There’re also other specific parametric tools for dormers (gable fronted, hip roof, triangular, shed, trapezoidal, eyebrow and bonneted dormer), sky windows and chimneys and each one offer timber construction details. In every moment, a designed element can be edited/adjusted. Mentioned tools, display a 3D real time preview for a better control for every entries adjustment. The target of software developers is to gain time and quality. The program creates and calculates Rough/Eaves battening, Insulations surfaces, Jack rafters and includes them on specific Timber Lists. Technical drawing for roof profiles and for each singular timber beam are automatic. Each timber piece component can be automatically exploded into technical drawings already dimensioned.

Easy and Useful

LigniKon Small has a clear interface and practice-oriented functions that reflects the classic structure of timber buildings. Parametric tools designed with effective and cleaned dialogue boxes that allows, for e.g. to easily create roofs, dormers, sky windows, etc. reached by a lot of details and without struggling. All technical drawings will be automatically created by the program and the print will be a simple mouse click. The program is designed to be used directly in 3D to save time and efforts and finally get results with satisfaction.

Large Version
This version contains all functions of LigniKon Small

  • T-Gable Roof Assistant, to easily plan Independent Roof Extensions or Roof Intersections Portions
  • Merging more roofs together by a mouse click
  • Easy Beams and Rafters placing along a distance (within two points) defining Fixed or Dynamic Axes distance. Collar beams/ties will be automatically arranged along rafters.
  • Timber framing under top plate (Studs, Knee Braces, Noggins, Plates, Wall Bracing…)
  • Connections selection of Chamfer (Deburring/Trimmer/Groove), Birdsmouths, Markings, Half Lap/Halved Joints, Hooked and Plain Scarf Joints, etc.
  • Automatic Sky Windows / Chimneys input and adjustment of wood framework

Simple and Flexible

Building in record time: Create timber roofs effortlessly and faster as possible. Thanks to the integrated Assistants is possible to define all details on the Roof Profile. As well other Wizards are included for Dormers, Roof Windows and Chimneys. Useful 3D Previews helps to visually define and adjust each roof entry without losing precious time. Flexibility and Easy operations: Complex roofs can be made combining more roofs by simple a roof click using the "Merge Roof Surfaces" tool.

Draw and Adjust your Timber Construction directly in 3D

Welcome to the 3D Construction World: learn how LigniKon Large can improve the production Timber framing (with Studs, Knee Braces, Noggins, etc.), Slanted Fly Rafters, and Light Wooden Construction (battens, counter-battens…) within seconds. Multi beams can be drawn and positioned freely and quickly in 3D simply using specific buttons designed for 3D input: Parallel, Perpendicular and Angled. With these tools it will be so easy to manually design each element and to create pergolas, carports and any other free wooden construction. Don’t forget that a parametric Timber frame tool is available so to make a base pergola structure (studs/posts, braces, etc.) is so fast. Serial beams placement, as Rafters and Joists, has smart input tools that allow to select a Dynamic (variable) or Forced (Fixed) Axis. The first input mentioned, allows to type the desired Distance or Number of Pieces that user would like to have and let you decide the best solution. The second input way, forces Axis distance. Another important thing to say, is that the Input tools of Rafters and Joists, is designed to be used in 3D. That means that you need only a couple of clicks to select the area to cover with beams. Joints tools let you to connect beams together by Half Lap/Halved Joints, Hooked and/or Plain Scarf Joints. Birdsmouths are automatic and just in case, a specific tool is there. A library of Steel beams (like I, L, U…) is available.

Easy and Speedy

First-class experience and easiness. LigniKon Large has a clear interface and practice-oriented functions that reflects the classic structure of timber buildings. Parametric tools designed with effective and cleaned dialogue boxes that allows, for e.g. to easily create roofs, dormers, pergolas and other detailed structures without struggling. LigniKon Large version also has features for Roof tiles calculation, T-Gable Roof Assistant, Roof Merging, Parametric Timber frame, Free beams and it supports Beam Profiles as I-joists, Rhombus, etc.

XL Version
This version contains all functions of LigniKon Large

  • Available a larger Joints selection: Tenons-Mortises, Heel Joints, Half Lap/Halved/Scarf Joints, Beam Profiling, etc.
  • Automatic Dimensions on Technical Drawings of Single Timber Component and Roof Profiles
  • Several Useful Automatic Labels for 2D drawings as Sawmill Beam IDs, Beams Lengths (Rafters, Purlins..) and others
  • Output of Computations List for every Timber items, Steel beams, Roof Portions and Jack Rafters.
  • Assortment of Steel Beams in according to DIN 1025 / 1026

The world of 3D Construction

With LigniKon XL you can choose to design Floor Plans Freely or with a Wizard. With both methods you will obtain the same result but with the “Free Way” offers a total Design Freedom and some details more. The XL version as well offers Drawing and Joints Tools for the creation of complex structures as Multi-Roofs, Trusses, "Post-And-Beam" Constructions (Timber Framing), Farm Structures, Stables, Winter Gardens and particular Timber-Steel buildings.

2D Drawings and Timber Lists

All essential for production: a simple click runs the Desired Computation Type (of All Timber Items, Jack Rafters, Roof Surfaces, etc.) producing your Timber Lists. Components calculated can be filtered by Item Type (Rafters, Collar Beams/Ties, Purlins…) and it’s allowed to edit the Values received. The Lists can also be exported into Microsoft Excel and to add new calculations for example to define Customer Offers. All results eventually can be exported into the external module VisKalk and fill offers and invoices. All 2D Technical Drawings required for Carpentry, such as Single Timber Component, Top View and Roof Profiles are generated with Automatic Dimensioning and Labelling; In addition, free dimensioning functions are available. Convince your customers showing them efficient 3D Projects as JPG or PDF printout.

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