Contains all Scalinata functions but with much more tools for designing and production.

Architektur Treppe (Architectural Version)

  • Efficient and detailed planning of staircases in new or existing buildings
  • Staircase assistant (Wizard) for creating desired type
  • Visual representation for your customer

Suitable for:
Any VisKon customer, carpenter, joiner or staircase builder

  • Staircase integration into VisKon building
  • Additional tools as Windows/Doors, Beams, Massive Ceiling allows to plan your Staircase without missing any other detail as the clearance height
  • Joint and others production details

  • Staircase type (flights): Straight, L or U with landing/s, L or U winder, U with double landing, U (L double flights)
  • Mortised strings: Railing and wall stringer, with or without risers, corner posts and rounded
  • Manual or Automatic computation of Step length 2r+t (2 rise + tread)
  • Manual step optimization
  • Polygonal adjustment tools: Edit/Move Points (Vertexes) and Edges
  • Floor and Ceiling (Slab) creation
  • Construction: Single and Multiple beam tools allow to create railings (posts and balusters). You can do that following slabs and/or drawing 3D guide lines
  • Edit/Working tools: Controlled cut, Break, Recess, Free notches/groove, Rabbet, Chamfer/Smooth, Material selection, Single/Multiple copy, Rotation / Moving, 3D guide lines
  • Automatic computations of Lengths and Areas give a better control
  • 2D Views: Floorplan, Elevation views and Cross Sections
  • Free Dimensions in 2D views
  • Manual optimization of steps
  • PDF export of all views by a mouse click
  • Interfaces:
    • Import: ArCon, Easy Treppe, IFC, Vi BIM solutions
    • Export: Easy Treppe, Collada

Treppe Fertigung (Carpentry Version)
Contains all functions of VisKon Treppe Architektur (Architectural Version)

Other Functions:
  • 2D/3D DXF/DWG Export
  • Round balusters
  • Automatic Dimensions of steps and stringers
  • Scaled drawing output (incl. 1:1 plot)
  • Various functionalities for 2D processing and dimensioning
  • Custom drawings views for single or multi selection and with a manual or automatic plane reference. This choice create global custom views or technical drawing auto-dimensioned of steps and stringers
  • Display of the tread line and step numbering of the staircase on floor plans drawings
  • Automatic mortising of treads and risers
  • Single lap-joints and free marking for 2D technical drawing

Rent is available choosing the software maintenance with support, it will include:

Program upgrade annually to the next higher version.

Important information:

The beginning of the contract is the delivery date. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time and it may be terminated annually with a notice period of two months before the end of the yearly contract.

System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64bit)

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