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Company structure
Weto AG Technologies, registered offices in Tittling/Passau in Germany, is a software developer for 3D-CAD/CAM programs for timber construction, roof construction, free-form construction, timber frame construction and transfer to a CAM machine such as Hundegger, Schmidler, Integra, Essetre...

We also offer architects the possibility of purchasing planning programs and design and construction software through us.
We established ourselves in the German market 20 years ago and since 2006 are present in a number of foreign markets, offering local language versions. Weto AG Technologies is present in:

Italy, UK, Poland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, China, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Our strength is based on the fact that our programmers were originally carpenters. Our software is therefore very user-friendly, takes the needs of carpenters into account and is easy to use.

Our software enables you to modify your roof construction in a few minutes using a software wizard and to present it in 3D directly to your customer.
Get a competitive edge with detailed offers that show your clients right from the start what results they can expect from you.
All required drawings and materials lists are printed out automatically.
Create your wall construction quickly and simply and put a substructure to your roof with a timber frame or solid wood construction or design a free-form construction, e.g. a carport.
Now output your project to a CAM machine or print out your drawings and do your finishing manually.
The program is easy to use and will save you considerable time, enabling you to increase the productivity of your company.

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